My life

My life



Dreaming of a better world.

Feeling all the things that hurt.

Bleeding 'til the vein will burn.

Seeing all the bad things turn.


Checking all the things unsaid.

Tracking beasts below my bed.

Hacking in the honchos head.

Smacking him until he's dead.


Jumping up and down the grave.

Pumping life into the vein.

Humping over endless pain.

Crumbling brain goes vast insane...


Turning all my life around.

Burning all the regrets down.

Blurring all the visions 'round.

Yearning all my life for frown.


Kicking hard until life stops.

Licking off the bloodlined crops.

Tricking underneath the cops.

Sticking in the slaughtered chops.


Sending almost all to hell.

Trembling hard inside the cell.

Blending in the bullets shell.


Handling all my life goes well!






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