Order of the Templars


Templar coat of arms


First of all, I would like to warmly welcome all of you who have decided to join the Order of the Templars.


The guild does not exist from the first day but quite a long time. Originally, the guild was once called Imba Clan, which was well meant by the old Guild Master, but he also had to realize that you can not win a flowerpot with that name. So then it came that the guild was getting smaller and at some point the guild master had no more desire and handed me the guild. I then renamed them and hope to have a good start with the new name.


After a long break I play WoW again and got to know the phenomenon of the mass guild. Essentially, it's about leveling up the guild to get all bonuses, especially heirlooms. Where I was now together with some 700 players, where well and gladly 10% were online, not a single word was spoken and also otherwise there was no commonality and then I asked myself what makes sense. There is so much potential that you can not just lie fallow and so I brought the Order back to the sun.


Now I want to spend some nice hours together with you in a relaxed atmosphere. If you have any wishes and / or suggestions then always out with it.


The goal should also be to have to deal with the game itself little with general things. This should normally be done through Teamspeak or via this homepage. So you can concentrate on the instances or whatever.


In this sense, have fun and success with the Order of the Templars


Greetings, your Leyljia