Quests (Legion, Alliance)




A Daring Rescue

A Fate Worse than Dying

A Favor for Mr. Shackle

A Floating Ruin


A Gift from the Six

A Grim Equation

Ahead of the Game

A Hunter at Heart

Alone in the Abyss

Amateur Hour

A Moment of Respite

An Ancient Secret

An Audience With Torok

Ancient Mana

An Offering of Light

An Unlikely Ally

A Rather Long Walk

Archdruid of Lore

Archdruid of the Claw

Archdruid of the Vale


A Sight for Sore Eyes

Assault and Battery

Assaulting the Haglands

A Touch of Fel

A Triumphant Report

A Village in Peril

Awakening the Archdruid

A Walk to Remember

A Walk With the Spirits

A Way Back inA Way Back in

Azoran Must Die


Back from the Dead

Balance of Elements

Bear Huntin'

Begin Construction

Bitestone Enclave

Black Rook Prison

Blood and Gold

Bloodstone Bandit


Boss Whalebelly's in Charge

Bottled Up

Bringing the Big Guns

Brotherly Love





Cave of the Blood Trial

Cenarius, Keeper of the Grove

Ceremonial Drums

Chaos Theory

Children of Nar'thalas

Children of the Night

Close Enough to Touch

Conservation of Magic


Crystal Fury

Crystals Not Included

Cursed to Wither



Dargrul and the Hammer

Dark Machinations

Dark Revelations

Dark Side of the Moon

Dawn of Justice

Death to the Witchmother

Debt Repaid

Demon Souls

Destroying the Nest

Dire News


Down to Azsuna


Dressing With Class


Emerald Sisters

Enemies Everywhere

Entangled Dreams

Essence of the Light Mother

Eye See You




Fate of the Queen's Reprisal

Feasting on the Dragon

Felblaze Ingress

Fel Machinations

Fire At Will

Fish out of Water

Forming a Bond

For the Corn!

Frenzied Furbolgs

Fresh Meat

From within



Gatekeeper's Challenge: Cunning

Gatekeeper's Challenge: Mastery

Gatekeeper's Challenge: Tenacity

Gathering Light

Get to High Ground

Given to Corruption

Glaive Circumstances

Grasp of the Underking

Grimwing the Devourer

Grotesque Remains




Hags of a Feather

Havi's Test

Heart of the Nightmare

Heralds of Apocalypse


High Water

Hit the Books

Huln's War - The Arrival

Huln's War - Malorne's Favored

Huln's War - Stormrage

Huln's War - Reinforcements

Huln's War - Shadowsong

Huln's War - The Nathrezim

Hunger's End



I Have a Bad Feeling About This

Illidari Freedom

I'm Not Lion!

In Defiance of Deathwing


Infiltrating Shipwreck Arena

Into the Academy

Into the Fray

Into the Night

Invading Spelunkers

Invasive Species



Jarod's Mission


Journey to the Repose



Keepers of the Hammer

Kur'talos Ravencrest




Let Sleeping Giants Lie

Let's Make A Deal

Leyline Abuse

Leystone Deposit Sample

Lieutenant of the Tower

Lifespring Cavern

Lightning Rod

Light's Return

Lightly Roasted

Light's Exodus

Lion Stalkin'


Locating the Longshot

Lord of the Spire

Lost in Retreat

Love Lost

Lyana Darksorrow 


Mac'Aree, Jewel of Argus

Maiev's Trail

Making the World Safe for Profit

Malfurion's Fury

Maritime Law

Minion! Kill Them!

Missing Demon

Moon Reaver

Moose on the Loose

Moose Shootin'

Moozy's Sojourn

Morale Booster



Nar'thalas Still Suffers

Nature's Call

Note-Eating Goats

No Time for Tryouts

No Time to Talk


Nursing the Wounds


On the Brink

Ormgul the Pestilent

Our Very Bones

Out of the Dream

Overwhelming Power


Pet Rocks

Pins and Needles


Poisoned Crops

Pop Quiz: Advanced Rune Drawing

Presentation is Everything

Pressing the Assault

Preventive Measures

Prince Farondis



Quantity Over Quality


Reading the Leaves

Recruiting More Troops

Regroup at the Refuge

Reignite the Wards

Reinforce Light's Purchase

Remnant of Darkfall Ridge

Rethu's Journal

Return to the Grove

Return to the Vindicaar

Revenge, Served Cold

Righteous Fury

Rite of Blood

Rock Troll in a Hard Place

Rocs vs Eagles

Root Cause

Round 1, Fight!

Rumbelings near Feltotem

Runas Knows the Way

Runas the Shamed




Save Yourself

Saving Stellagosa

Scars of the Past

Scout it Out

Secrets of Highmountain

See Ya Later, Oscillator

Shard of Kozak

Shard of Vorgos

Ship Graveyard

Shipwrecked Sailors

Shriek No More

Signal Boost

Signs of Resistance

Softening the Target

Solid as a Rock

Spray and Prey

Spread your Lunarwings and fly

Step into the Dark

Sternfathom's Champion

Still Alive

Stonedark Crystal

Stormforged Grapple Launcher

Storming the Citadel

Study Hall: Combat Research

Supplies from the Skies

Symbols of Power




Tears for Fears

Testing a Theory

That Guy in the Costume

The Ancient Trials

The Backdoor

The Best Prevention

The Bloodtotem Tribe

The Burning Birds

The Burning Heart

The Captain's Foot Locker

The Chieftain's Beads

The Child of Light and Shadow

The Consumed

The Corruptor

The Death of the Eldest

The Defiler's Legacy

The Demons Below

The Demon's Trail

The Die is Cast

The Drogbar

The Emerald Queen

The Farmsteads

The Fate of Val'sharah

The Feltotem Menace

The Flow of the River

The Hand of Fate

The Haunted Halls

The Headmistress' Keys

The Head of the Snake

The High Chieftain

The Highmountain Smiths

The Highmountain Tauren

The Hunger Returns

Their Dying Breaths

The King's Path

The Last of the Last

The Light Mother

The Longest Vigil

The Lost Legion

The Maelstrom Beckons

The Magister of Mixology

The Nightborne Prince

The Nightmare Lord

The Path of Huln

The Prince is Going Down

The Prophet's Gambit

The Right Weapon for the Job

The Rivermane Tribe

The Rook's Guard

The Scythe of Souls

The Sigil of Awakening

The Skies of Highmountain

The Skyhorn Tribe

The Speaker Calls

The Story of Huln

The Tainted Marsh

The Tears of Elune

The Temple of Elune

The Three

The Tidestone: Shattered

The Underking Comes

The Vindicaar

The Vindicaar Matrix Core

The Walk of Shame

The Warden's Signet

The Witchqueen

The Withered

They Become The Hunted

They Came from the Sea

They Have A Pitlord

They're doing it wrong

They Will Pay With Blood

Thieving Thistleleaf

This IS in my Contract!

Thorny Dancing

Those who Remember

Titanic Showdown

To Old Friends

To See the Past

Totemic Call

Trailing the Tidestone

Trapped Tauren

Trapping Evolved

Turn Around, Nighteyes

Two if by Sea





Unexpected Allies

Unsettled Power




Village of the Corruptors

Visions of Torment



Wanding 101

We're Treasure Hunters

Where Respect is Due

Where the Wildkin are

Wisp in the Willows

Witch of the Wood

Wormtalon Wreckage




You Lift, Brul?

You Never Know Until You Scry

You Scratch My Back...





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